Grant Making

The Foundation’s top priority is to listen and engage with our community to ensure that we earn the right to help convene and support interventions to improve population health. We are focused on making these improvements through addressing the social determinants of health. As we launch the Foundation and embark on our first grant cycle in early 2016, we will grant funds in a responsive manner. This means that we will grant funds based on the ideas that we collect from the community to start, rather than funding specific elements. This is another way to engage and listen to the wisdom of the providers who have been serving the community or have ideas to serve the community. Click here to learn more about our community-engaged grant making process.


Bringing cross-sector stakeholders and organizations together to connect and collaborate on program ideas, identification of needs, to build relationships in a safe space and to streamline efforts is a top priority of the Foundation. The Foundation’s role is to provide a safe, comfortable, friendly environment where convening can occur and the best information can be pulled into the room. To learn more about how the Foundation’s convenings, click here.

Listening Sessions

The Foundation highly values listening and engagement and that is why our Listening Tour was our top priority this past summer. We were honored to spend several weeks out in St. Petersburg neighborhoods talking with close to 300 St. Petersburg social service providers and residents about the health and well-being of our community. Click here to learn more about the Listening Tour and how our community thinks we can become the healthiest city in the country.

 See what members of St. Petersburg had to say at the listening sessions