Strategic Direction

The Foundation – with its unique flexibility and independence – has a critical enabling, synthesizing and organizing role to play in fostering and sustaining these new, innovative ways of contemplating and connecting. We seek to do this embarking on a strategic direction propelled by social innovation — a framework underlying all Foundation activities moving forward, and one we believe aligns well with the level of risk a Foundation such as ours should undertake and the lasting change we hope to foster.


Funding Values

The primary goal of the Foundation is to improve overall community health by concentrating on communities with the highest needs and the least available resources. Our approach is to focus on areas that are defined social determinants of health.

The Foundation is guided by a strong set of core values. These will be reflected in all aspects of our grantmaking, convenings, research, communications and day-to-day activities as we interact with our community and pursue our mission.

We believe that long term community issues require a systems approach to address root causes. We believe that programs that demonstrate an understanding and commitment to effective overall health prevention will strengthen our community.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that collaboration will lead to stronger outcomes and greatly benefit our community.



The Foundation’s convening work brings together a range of diverse participants to engage in a collaborative effort that serves a specific, shared purpose—tapping collective wisdom and creativity to inform choice and enable change. Given the substantial commitment of resources required by these efforts, the Foundation will focus on a few strategic priorities each year. In 2018, the emphasis and priority will be on four areas: Housing, Education, Food & Nutrition and Inclusive Economic Opportunity. This does not preclude addressing other social determinants of health, but rather a strategic focus to deploy resources toward transformative change.