The Foundation’s focus is to cultivate compelling solutions to address our Community’s most important needs by leveraging collaborations and the sustained commitment of funders and advocates. Our goal is to help develop solutions that generate sustained and measureable improvements to our community’s health.

The Foundation will focus on serving residents of St. Petersburg and South Pinellas County in Florida to honor the origins of the Foundation’s resources. Please note, however, the Foundation will make investments outside this area for programs impacting residents of this area. Census tracts will be utilized in all data analyses to focus on identified interventions that are designed to improve health outcomes of a specific population based on trusted data.

There are four areas of work that the Foundation will engage in: Grantmaking, Policy & Advocacy, Convening and Media & Strategic Communications.


As we launch the Foundation and embark on our first grant cycle in early 2016, we will grant funds in a responsive manner. This means that we will grant funds based on the ideas that we collect from the community to start, rather than funding specific elements. This is another way to engage and listen to the wisdom of the providers who have been serving the community or have ideas to serve the community. We will move, over time, from field-based ideas to investment areas as we learn from our evaluation process what we are most effective in improving based on the resources identified.

Policy & Advocacy

In order for the Foundation to impact policy and systems change and provide optimal technical assistance to our grantees and partners who are engaged in policy and systems work, we will invest time, energy and resources in building a strong internal policy and research arm. The advocacy community in our place-based focus area of St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay area at-large and throughout the state plays a vitally important role in empowering community members and decision-makers to action on the many social determinants of health. The Foundation will play an important role in being a resource to the advocacy community.


The Foundation will serve as a facilitator and a resource to our community in providing a space for brainstorming, building trust, learning together, sharing resources, listening to each other and ultimately working together to improve population health in our community.

Media and Strategic Communications

The Foundation will proactively utilize various communications channels and implement public awareness campaigns. We will educate the local community and decision-makers on issues impacting population health through the lens of the social determinants of health. We will also empower local community members and decision-makers to take action on pressing issues impacting families in our focus areas.