Promoting a Healthy Community

The community’s health challenges are complex. They are both a cause and a consequence of a number of social and other factors that can be referred to as the social determinants of health. They can include poverty, educational shortfalls, employment, safety, security, opportunity and lack of timely access to health services and activities. Examining how these factors impact health and well-being will lead to identifying the right partners, alliances and strategies and will promote good health.

Our Mission is to improve the health and well-being of our community through initiatives that create sustainable, effective improvements to quality of life.

Our Approach is to cultivate compelling solutions to address our community’s most important needs by leveraging collaborations and the sustained commitment of funders and advocates.

Our Commitment is to be accountable and transparent.

Our Goal is to help develop solutions that generate sustained and measureable improvements to our community’s health.

Our Guiding Principles – We are stewards of funds that must be used in the community’s interest. We view ourselves as strategic investors. We deploy resources creatively, collaboratively and effectively in advancing our Mission.