Engaging our Community

The Foundation highly values listening and engagement and that is why the Listening Tour was our top priority this past summer. We were honored to spend several weeks out in the community talking with over 200 St. Petersburg residents and 70 St. Petersburg social service organizations about the health and well-being of our community. We have also met one-on-one with dozens of local organizations in the last several months.

Resident Listening Sessions

We asked St. Petersburg residents the following questions:

Q: What is your personal experience with healthy living?

Q: What is your experience accessing support for healthy living?

Q: What barriers do you face in seeking healthy living?

Q: What will it take for St. Pete to be the Healthiest City in the US?

Q: What is your personal commitment to healthy living?

Click on the links below to see how these questions were answered. What are your thoughts on these topics? We would love to hear from you! Click here to submit a comment or question.

Provider Listening Sessions

We asked our community’s social service providers these questions:

Q: How should we promote community wellness?

Q: What should the Foundation focus on first?

Q: What should the Foundation not do?

Q: What conditions are required for meaningful collaborations?

Q: What conditions are missing to support the best collaborations?

*The above listening sessions took place at the Collaborative Labs at the St. Petersburg College Epicenter