A Foundation of Integrity

The Foundation is guided by a strong set of core values. These will be reflected in all aspects of our grantmaking, convenings, research, communications and day-to-day activities as we interact with our community and pursue our mission.


The Foundation will operate in full disclosure of our plans, actions, transactions, our investments, relationships, and our partnerships throughout the community.


We believe that all residents deserve to lead full, happy and healthy lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income, geography, or gender identification.


We embrace the value of bringing people together to cultivate trust. When collaboration and coordination are strong, we achieve more together.

Listen & Learn

We respect the deep wisdom of our community about their own health needs. We listen and share what we learn, striving for continuous improvement.

Evidence Informed

Research and ongoing assessments help ensure our actions are based on data-driven needs and evidence-based outcomes.


We embrace all members of our community, particularly those who are not often included.


We engage the corporate, public, private and nonprofit sectors to improve community health.


We lead with data, policies, health messages and funding. We work to leverage additional private and philanthropic resources to benefit the community.

Compel Action

As an unbiased and unfettered community resource, the Foundation will take bold action to promote equity and optimize health.