Please review this web page to find answers to common grant questions. 

To keep the process open and fair to all applicants, Foundation staff cannot comment on the merits of proposed projects or consult with applicants during the application period. We are, however, available for technical questions or support with the Grants Portal.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us at or call 727-865-4650 with any additional inquiries.

General Foundation Information

What are the Foundation’s funding priorities?

Applications must address one or more of the following social determinants of health impacting population health. For more information, please review the social determinants information on our website at

Health Behaviors

  • Tobacco use
  • Diet and exercise
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Sexual activity

Clinical Care

  • Access to and utilization of care
  • Quality of care

Social and Economic Factors

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Family and social support

Physical Environment

  • Community safety
  • Air and water quality

What is your service area?

The Foundation seeks to address the needs of South Pinellas County, which is defined as south of Ulmerton Road and east of Seminole Boulevard.

These are the zip codes in the Foundation’s service region: 33701, 33702, 33703, 33704, 33705, 33707, 33709, 33710, 33711, 33712, 33713, 33714, 33716, 33762, 33772, 33773, 33777, 33778, 33781, 33782.

What types of projects are not considered for funding?

The Foundation does not make grants to fund scholarships, capital fund raising campaigns, payments directly to individuals, political campaigns, or lobbying efforts.

Applying for a Grant

What organizations are eligible for grants?

These grants are available only to nonprofit organizations determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be tax exempt. There is no budget size restriction on nonprofit organizations applying for this grant cycle. Public entities, including universities, are not eligible for this grant cycle.

My 501c3 status is still being processed. Would I be eligible to apply for a grant now?

No, to be eligible to receive grant funding, a nonprofit organization must be determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt. This means the documentation of the IRS approval must be included with the grant application.

Does the Foundation fund indirect costs?

It is the Foundation’s policy to fund up to 15% of the grant-related indirect costs.

What is a fiscal sponsor?

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors a project put forward by an organization that may lack exempt status. The fiscal sponsor would receive the funds and manage payments on behalf of the project.

If my organization is the fiscal sponsor for a project, can we also apply for another grant to fund our own project?

Yes, if the project that lists you as the fiscal sponsor is benefiting collaborative work or the work of another organization, you may also apply for a grant specifically for your organization.

Should two organizations that want to work together each submit the same application to increase the chances of getting funded?

No, organizations that wish to work together must submit their application jointly, with one organization taking the lead on the project.

If we already have a grant with the Foundation, can we apply for another grant?

Yes, if you are a current Funded Partner/Grantee, you can apply for another grant even if your grant is still active.

We were denied in one grant cycle. Can we re-apply with the same project for another grant cycle in the same year?

Yes, if your project was denied last year, but you feel it will fit into another grant cycle, you can reapply.

Can one organization submit more than one application per grant cycle?

No, the Foundation is currently only accepting one application per entity for each grant cycle. As stated above, organizations may apply for multiple grant cycles, but only one application for each cycle. For example, an organization can submit one application for the Transformative Grant Cycle and can also submit another application for the Empowerment Grant Cycle.

Can organizations apply for multiple grant cycles?

Yes, organizations can apply for as many grant cycles as appropriate. For example, an organization may apply for a Capacity Buildling Mini Grant and a Transformative Grant.

Are applications which include multiple counties and/or communities acceptable?

Yes, provided that the project will address the health needs of residents of South Pinellas (South of Ulmerton Road and east of Seminole Boulevard). The Foundation would only fund those activities that have a meaningful and measurable impact on the health and well-being of persons living in the Foundation’s geographic focus.

If we have a location for service outside the suggested area but our services benefit St. Petersburg residents, will our application be considered?

Yes. The key factor is that organizations funded must serve people living in the Foundation’s targeted geographic area, even if some work extends beyond it.

If I am working for a national organization, can I use their EIN to apply, if we are a local chapter?

The Foundation accepts applications for national organizations as long as there is a local chapter and the impact is within the geographic focus area of the Foundation.

When I submit my organization’s current fiscal year budget, should I include non-cash or in-kind amounts?

No, please do not include non-cash or in-kind amounts when submitting your organization’s current fiscal budget.

If my organization has the most recent IRS 990 completed but the audit from the same year is not ready, should I provide the 990 for last year so it is the same year as the audit?

No, please provide the most recent 990 and audit, even it is from two different years. If the delayed document is completed during the review of the application, you can send it to and the Foundation will ensure it is attached to your application.

What if my organization’s budget is not large enough to require an audit?

If an organization does not have its financial statements audited or reviewed externally, in addition to the most recently filed Form 990, please submit a Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the organizations most recently completed fiscal year.

If we have collaborating partners as a part of our proposed project, do we need to submit letters of support?

The answer to the collaborative partners question on the application should include sufficient detail to enable the Foundation to assess feasibility, efficacy and sustainability of the collaborative effort. Letters of support may be requested by the Foundation at a later date.

What if I do not know a start and end date for my project?

Please give us your best estimate of when your grant funded activities will start and end.

If a grant application is under consideration, can we increase the budget amount requested if necessary and warranted?

Yes, if the amount changes during conversations with the Foundation, it can be adjusted prior to a decision on the grant.

Grants Portal

What is Fluxx?

Fluxx is the Foundation’s online Grants Portal for application submission and management. Applicants may access the Grants Portal via the Foundation website or directly here: Please note, in order to apply for a grant you must first register, then you must log back into the Grants Portal and click on “Apply Now” to complete the application.

When using Fluxx to register my organization and submit an application, what is the best internet browser to use for the best user experience?

We recommend using Chrome. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

After clicking on the “Apply Now” button related to the grant I am applying for, how do I find my saved application?

After opening an application under the “Apply Now” section of the Grants Portal, you will find your draft application under “Draft Requests”. There you can view your pending application, make changes and save. Please do not click on the apply now button more than once as it will create multiple applications.

Does the character count in the application include spaces?

Yes, the character count includes spaces, tabs, alphabetic and numeric characters, including punctuation marks and special symbols (such as periods and commas).

Does the Foundation have any font guidelines?

The Foundation does not have font or other formatting restrictions for any of the grant applications.

On the Grants Portal, I registered but did not receive a username and password. What do I need to do to proceed?

Check your junk/spam email to make sure that the response email did not get sent there. If you do not see the email generated from the system in your junk mail, email the Foundation at and an email will be re-sent providing the username and password.

When completing the application online, can we save and come back later?

Yes, our Grants Portal allows you to save and come back to the application at a later time. Make sure you save your work often as possible, as the Grants Portal does not automatically save.

You will find your saved application in the “Draft Requests” when you go back in to the Grants Portal to work on your application.

How do I withdraw a draft application?

Applicants can withdraw an application that has not been submitted by completing all the required fields in the application, clicking on “Save” and then on “Withdraw.” Any typed text in the required fields is sufficient, such as N/A.

Please find more detail about the Grants Portal in the How to Use the Grants Portal section of our website

Grant Review Process

How will you be reviewing applications?

The application review process will include internal staff and external reviewers.

How will you weigh the structure and staffing of our organization versus the merit of the concept and goal of the project?

In assessing an organization’s proposal, the Foundation will consider a range of factors, including organizational capacity and project concept. The conceptualization of the idea receives the greatest weight in reviewing the application.

How much does our projected budget determine whether our project is funded?

The project description should include sufficient detail to enable the Foundation to assess feasibility, efficacy and sustainability.

What are the most common reasons an application is denied?

Applications may be denied for a number of reasons such as:

  • Applicants did not specifically address each of the questions being asked in the application.
  • The project request is not in alignment with the Foundation’s focus.
  • The project budget is not within the scope of the Foundation’s funding priorities.
  • The project request does not benefit residents of the focus area.
  • The applicant was ineligible.

After the Funding Decision

Is the funding, if awarded, provided in full at the start of the grant period, or will the organization be reimbursed at the end of the grant period?

The Foundation will separate payments based on reporting requirements. The Foundation will make the final payment of 5% upon submission of a final report on the project.

What if my project is delayed and does not follow the timeline proposed in the application?

If there is a delay in the project timeline, please communicate with the Foundation as soon as possible. You may be able to request an extension to delay the project end date.

If I did not get funded, can I ask questions about the request process?

Yes, the Foundation is happy to schedule time to review the funding decision. Please contact or call 727-865-4650 to speak with staff.