Dr. Brown

Equity Thinker

Each of us is an architect capable of building a more equitable future.

Good ideas can come from anywhere; especially those who call Pinellas home.

Across the county, many different people and organizations are building towards race equity. Some may have ideas but need the team, money, or tools to act. Others have dreams but have not found the right forum to share their voice.

What would happen if teams who were working on similar projects were connected? If existing ideas could be equipped with powerful resources? If unspoken plans were given support to become a reality?

That is where the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg comes in. The Equity Thinker is an idea accelerator where ideas supporting anti-racism and race equity are resourced and amplified.

Fuel looks like access to:
  • Relationships and networks
  • Strategic support to maximize ideas
  • Convening ideas to fruition among multi-sector partners
  • Research and Data
  • Physical space
  • Technology
  • Funding

The Equity Thinker is expected to launch in 2022. Start by creating a profile using the Funded Partner Start-Up Guide.

In the meantime, please contact info@healthystpete.foundation to share your ideas! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Join our Community of Changemakers

It is through our collective actions and ideas that we will achieve race and healthy equity in Pinellas County. Keep pushing the movement forward. Connect with the Foundation to stay updated on opportunities, developments, and events around equity.

Thank you for your interest!