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Education during COVID-19

Posted on Aug 07, 2020

On Saturday, Aug. 1, Dr. Ricardo Davis, president of Concerned Organization for Quality Education of Black Students (COQEBS) and Delquanda Turner Smith, community engagement advocate for the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (FHSP), discussed Pinellas’ ongoing battle for educational equity on WTMP’s “Equity Now” radio broadcast.

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90 Days of COVID Response

Posted on Jul 27, 2020

In April, Grow Smarter conducted a Community Needs Assessment with our steering committee and community partners. Based on that document, we designed a comprehensive response to COVId-19 to help build resilience and continued prosperity for all of St Pete.

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The 2020 Census: ‘Equity Now’ focuses on its impact on Florida and Pinellas communities

Posted on Jul 24, 2020

The 2020 U.S. Census is still underway – and with just over half of Floridians having completed it, community stakeholders and organizations are sharing the dire need for residents who haven’t to “act now.”

On Saturday, July 18, Carl Lavender, chief equity officer of the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, was joined by public policy strategist and expert Stephanie Owens to discuss the state of the 2020 Census on the WTMP radio program “Equity Now.”

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Tampa Bay Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Posted on Jul 02, 2020

As Hurricane Irma threatened in Fall 2017, the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and other local funders sprang into action. They joined to provide a trusted source to gather and disburse disaster relief and recovery funds.

Allegany Franciscan Ministries, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, the Pinellas Community Foundation, four area United Ways and others pooled their resources with the the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, whose disaster fund had been established a decade earlier.

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MASK UP! ST. PETE Campaign targets COVID-19 in South St. Pete, beginning Friday, July 3

Posted on Jun 30, 2020

According to the most recent Florida statistics, COVID-19 is skyrocketing in Pinellas County and is being largely felt in communities of Black people. Numbers indicate that Black people are contracting COVID-19 at rates four times higher than whites.

Reasons for these numbers could include the fact that Blacks are more likely to be first responders and service personnel, therefore at greater risk for public exposure. Many health experts and organizations have pointed out systemic racism as an underlying factor for the high rate of the disease in Black communities.

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A rent and eviction crisis is looming next week

Here are some ways to keep renters in their homes, write two local advocates.

Posted on May 26, 2020

On June 2, the moratorium on evictions issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis expires, and a rent crisis that could impact thousands of local families is at hand. Like many states, Florida is on the cusp of a significant housing crisis that has been radically worsened by the pandemic COVID-19. For many, rent for both April, May and June will soon be past due. Local legal aid organizations (Gulfcoast Legal Services and Bay Area Legal Services) are gearing up for a rush of evictions even as the economy is restarting.

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‘Equity Now’ on WTMP highlights recovery in St. Pete’s post-COVID-19 economy

Posted on May 22, 2020

The “Equity Now” radio show on WTMP brings St. Petersburg and Pinellas County community members and activists, political and nonprofit leaders, and social service and health experts together to review current events through a lens of racial and health equity.

The program is hosted by Carl Lavender, chief equity officer at Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg (FHSP), and is one of many ways FHSP is addressing community needs and issues.

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Stressed out during COVID-19? Local mental health experts offer help

Posted on May 05, 2020

Recent data on the impact of COVID-19 on black and brown communities reveals a perfect storm of distressing information. From the health impact to economic data, reports show that the virus is wreaking havoc in African American and Latinx communities – and taking a toll on the emotional health of many of us.

The good news? In St. Petersburg, and throughout the Tampa Bay area, many free behavioral and mental health services are available.

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Grow Smarter Pivots Foundation Funding to Address Small Business and St. Petersburg Residents

Business Resiliency Program to Give Consideration to Minority- and Women-owned Businesses

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Grow Smarter St. Petersburg, an equitable economic development initiative based at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and primarily funded by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, will be redirecting an estimated $151,741 of awarded funds towards COVID-19 relief efforts in the community.

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Across the South, Here’s How Local Funders Have Mobilized to Respond to COVID-19

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Compared to elsewhere in the country, some southern states and jurisdictions were slower to issue shelter-in-place orders and resistant to closing local businesses as COVID-19 emerged as a threat last month. Now, there are growing moves across the region to loosen restrictions, with Georgia’s governor allowing many businesses to reopen this week—a move that’s been strongly criticized by public health experts and some mayors in the state.

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Nearly $1 million Tampa Bay Resiliency Fund Activated

Four agencies join forces for COVID-19 funding assistance

Posted on Apr 06, 2020

A unique partnership has been launched to help the critical organizations that provide assistance to the most vulnerable of our local residents being affected by the COVID-19 public health crisis. The Tampa Bay Resiliency Fund (TBRF) is a new strategic collaboration of the Pinellas Community Foundation, Allegany Franciscan Ministries, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg and United Way Suncoast with nearly $1 million of funding assistance available to nonprofit 501(c) organizations and governmental agencies.

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Emerging Needs, and the Safer at Home Order

Posted on Mar 28, 2020

The potential scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is now clear. Pinellas County has instituted Resolution # 20-20, COVID-19 SAFER AT HOME Order. This development is designed to safeguard the community, but its impact on people of color will be disproportionately negative.

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COVID-19 Precautions and Initial Actions

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

Foundation office operating virtually, Center for Health Equity is closed. In light of the rapidly evolving health crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the following precautions and actions…

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Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg Welcomes New Board of Trustee Members

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg is excited to welcome new members to its Board of Trustees. The new appointees will join a group of community leaders who lend their collective passion, expertise, and insight in support of the Foundation’s mission to achieve racial and health equity in South Pinellas County.

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Playing the Long Game

For six years, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg has focused on systems change and health equity.

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

For six years, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg has focused on systems change and health equity.

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U.S. Census is Hiring Locally: Earn Extra Money While Helping Our County Get a Fair and Honest Count

Equitable Services and Accurate Legislative Representation Depend Upon a Full Count of All U.S. Residents

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

The census comes around every 10 years and 2020 is our next opportunity to count every resident in Pinellas County. Mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the census count provides data that will determine the number of seats Florida has in Congress and will be used to distribute federal funds both to the state and to our local communities.

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Eight Nonprofits Will Create New Initiatives, Enhance Innovative Collaborations With the Help of “Empowerment Grants”

Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg Grants Support Organizations with Annual Operating Budgets Under $2 Million

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

Pinellas County has a wealth of nonprofit organizations that are poised to take their work to the next level but need a bit of a boost to fuel their efforts. This week, eight small-to-mid-sized nonprofits received Empowerment Grants from the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg for their community enhancing programs.

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Improving Post-Secondary Attainment in Pinellas County

60 Educational Leaders Met to Discuss Next Steps Following the Release of The Pinellas Community Indicator Report

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Economic studies show that the region needs more well-trained adults to meet our workforce demands and build a stronger, more vital community. LEAP Tampa Bay is at the forefront of this effort, and has set a goal to bring the number of working-age adults in our region who have a college degree or quality industry certification from the current figure of 48 percent to 60 percent by the year 2025.

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Twenty-One Pinellas County Nonprofits Receive Capacity-Building Mini-Grants from the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Grants reflect needs revealed in recent countywide Nonprofit Assessment Report

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

This month the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg awarded 21 nonprofit organizations grants ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 to support much-needed organizational improvements in areas such as technology, infrastructure, marketing, communications, training and planning. The grants are part of the Foundation’s investment in nonprofits in Pinellas County that are working to address social issues and problems that lead to health disparities and poor health outcomes.

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Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg Leases Space in Lakeview Shopping Center in South St. Petersburg for Social Change Center

Facility Will Fuel Community-Led Social Change Toward Health Equity

Posted on Jun 28, 2018

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg has leased a property at 2333 34th Street South, an approximately 23,250 square-foot vacant retail space on the south end of the Lakeview Shopping Center in St. Petersburg. The location will serve as a Social Change Center for at least a 10-year period until 2028.

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Foundation Announces New Trustees and Investment Committee Members

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg is pleased to announce two new additions to its Board of Trustees. Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil and Charles Harris were elected to the Board on March 21, 2018. The Board oversees the Foundation in St. Petersburg, which uses mission-based philanthropy to improve conditions and outcomes for underserved communities in southern Pinellas County.

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Foundation Announces Joni James as Senior Impact Director

Posted on Dec 07, 2017

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg has named Joni James as Senior Impact Director, a new position at the Foundation, now in its third year. James joins the senior leadership team and will be responsible for helping align operations and resources across activities for the highest impact on the Foundation’s mission– to end differences in health due to social or structural disadvantages and improve population health.

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