Author: Shannon Kalahar

Advancing Racial Justice Through Mindfulness

Dec 18, 2020News

Unconscious, implicit racial bias—rather than individual, White supremacist action—plays a role in nearly every stage of a person’s life.  Americans, including people of color themselves, hold a range of unconscious biases against people of color. However, research on mindfulness-based interventions provides grounds for optimism and potential long-term solutions. Mindfulness Provides Grounds for Optimism Mindfulness can […]

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Affiliate Group Gains Understanding of Personal Judgements, Perceptions and Biases

Dec 18, 2020News

When it comes to race and racism, the learning curves and needs of white people and Black people are very different. Many white people seek to understand—and perhaps confront for the first time– the history and current manifestations of white supremacy and racism in America. It seems entirely reasonable that this learning takes place with […]

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Addressing Racial Inequities Through Medical-Legal Partnerships  

Dec 4, 2020News

In the U.S., 25% of all renters are severely rent-burdened. In Florida, that percentage is 21%. But when we look at the data by census tract in Pinellas County, there are several communities—mostly comprised of people of color—that are up to 91.5% severely rent-burdened. People of color in these communities disproportionately spend at least 30% of their income on rent and most spend over 50%. Upscale development, rent spikes, and stagnant wages continue to cause barriers for equitable growth in Pinellas County.  Beyond shelter, […]

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Women Talk Black a Force for Voter Turnout

Oct 22, 2020News

Florida, historically known as a swing state, holds the power to determine election outcomes. According to a Pew Research report, in 2016 the Black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years in a presidential election, falling to 59.6% after reaching a record-high 66.6% in 2012. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic […]

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Should My Child go to School Today? Best Practices During COVID-19 

Oct 15, 2020News

The decision to reopen schools came after months of deliberation and careful preparation between the FL Department of Health and district officials who mandated doors could only open after county-wide infection rates decreased. In late July and early August, families were given the option of virtual learning, or returning to physical schools. Despite the pandemic, continuing education is […]

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What does race have to do with health?

Oct 5, 2020Uncategorized

In Pinellas County Florida, race is the greatest determinant of differential health outcomes from one part of the county to another and from one community to another. Life spans in one zip code to another can differ by as much as 16 years. And we know that our neighborhoods and opportunities and resources are deeply […]

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Q&A with Chief Equity Officer, Carl R. Lavender, Jr.

Jul 1, 2020News

Carl R. Lavender, Jr. has been appointed to the newly created leadership role of Chief Equity Officer, focused on applying a race equity lens to all the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg’s work and policy positions. He shares insights about his vision and responsibilities of the new role, below.

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New Positions Support Focus on Data-Informed, Mission-Driven Approaches to Race Equity

Jun 23, 2020News

Carl R. Lavender, Jr. has been appointed to the newly created leadership role of Chief Equity Officer, focused on applying a race equity lens to all the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg’s work and policy positions.

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‘Equity Amid Crisis’ day two: The way forward

Jun 6, 2020News

Time is ticking. That was a key takeaway from the second day of a virtual workshop centered around equity, inclusion and diversity hosted by Inclusivity LLC. The conference looked at systemic issues, such as health disparities that became more noticeable amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and racial injustice that rose to the forefront after the killing […]

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George Floyd protests: How you can support Tampa Bay’s black community from home

Jun 5, 2020News

You’ve read articles and watched videos of protests erupting across the country after the death of George Floyd. Maybe you’ve been out on the streets marching for days. Maybe you’re staying inside due to the coronavirus pandemic. “If you are hashtagging on social media, you need to also go out and do something as well […]

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