A Mission of Health Equity

Not everyone in Pinellas County is able to attain their highest level of health and well-being. Too often, the place where a person is born, grows, lives, works, learns, or ages contains impediments stemming from entrenched social or demographic factors such as race, gender, personal attribute, income, or geography. This is unacceptable and ultimately unsustainable. The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg seeks to address health disparities, advance population health, and achieve health equity in Pinellas County.


To end differences in health due to social or structural disadvantages to improve population health. We do this by inspiring and empowering people, ideas, information exchange, organizations and relationships.


Every person equitably achieves optimal health and well-being.

Core Values


The Foundation will operate in full disclosure of our plans, actions, transactions, our investments, relationships, and our partnerships throughout the community.


We believe that all residents deserve to lead full, happy and healthy lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income, geography, or gender identification.


We embrace the value of bringing people together to cultivate trust. When collaboration and coordination are strong, we achieve more together.

Listen & Learn

We respect the deep wisdom of our community about their own health needs. We listen and share what we learn, striving for continuous improvement.

Evidence Informed

Research and ongoing assessments help ensure our actions are based on data-driven needs and evidence-based outcomes.


We embrace all members of our community, particularly those who are not often included.


We engage the corporate, public, private and nonprofit sectors to improve community health.


We lead with data, policies, health messages and funding. We work to leverage additional private and philanthropic resources to benefit the community.

Compel Action

As an unbiased and unfettered community resource, the Foundation will take bold action to promote equity and optimize health.

Impact Reports

2020 Annual Report

Explore 45 stories of impact from 2020, including tactical and strategic responses to COVID-19.

Read the Full Report

2018 Impact Report

Learn how the Foundation invested in Health Equity in 2018 through four key areas: Building an Equity Movement, Convening People for Solutions, Research and Data, and Grantmaking and Capacity Building.

Read the 2018 Impact Report

Join our Community of Changemakers

It is through our collective actions and ideas that we will achieve race and healthy equity in Pinellas County. Keep pushing the movement forward. Connect with the Foundation to stay updated on opportunities, developments, and events around equity.

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