Together we can live fuller, longer, happier lives with fewer health concerns.

Did you know?

In Pinellas County, with a minimum wage of $8.05, affordable rent is $419 a month and a zero-bedroom is $610 a month.

How can this be?

Children in Pinellas County experience higher rates of child abuse and foster care than elsewhere in the state.

It’s hard to imagine…

There are approximately 7,000 chronically hungry children in Pinellas County.

A startling statistic…

90.7% of adults surveyed did not meet the daily recommendation for fruit or vegetable consumption.

A sobering fact…

In 2012, 31.1% of Pinellas youth reported illicit drug use.

A dangerous trend…

Rates of adult obesity in Pinellas County are higher than the state average.

On top of that…

The number of suicide deaths was higher among 12-18 year olds in Pinellas County than in the state.


Every 32 hours in Pinellas County, someone dies of a drug overdose.

Can you imagine a community where every person can achieve optimal health, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level, gender or gender expression, geography or myriad other traits or life circumstances? That’s health equity, and it’s the vision that drives us. In partnership with many individuals and organizations in Pinellas County, we are working to end differences in health that are systemic and structural in nature to improve population health.

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Health Equity

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The primary aim of the Foundation is to improve overall community health by focusing on communities with the highest needs and the least available resources. 

We Believe innovative approaches that demonstrate an understanding of underlying causes, systems approaches and a commitment to prevention will strengthen our community.

We Believe every human being is entitled to maximize their potential and achieve optimal health.

We Believe the wisdom to identify our most pressing needs and solve the most intractable problems lies within the community.



The Foundation is committed to being a vital community resource and has developed an online library for nonprofits, government agencies and other stakeholders to access and utilize. The library will continue to grow and will include vetted information that can be used as documentation of needs for a variety of topics in our community.