Center for Health Equity

Where People Create Change

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg is opening the Center for Health Equity in October, 2019. The Center is designed to be a place where community members can come together and work toward solutions and interventions to improve health equity in South Pinellas County.

An Invitation

Join the discussion to shape the Center for Health Equity, a place to connect, collaborate, and create with people who have a vision for a better community.

The business and technology sectors have long understood the value of bringing smart, creative people together with resources to innovate new products, services and business models. Why shouldn't we approach social problems and social change using the same tools? Why not tap community wisdom and creativity to improve community health? And why not dedicate a center to social change that raises up local voices?

The need for a new way of solving problems and addressing opportunities came from three years of deep listening to the residents, nonprofits, governmental entities, and faith-based leaders who believe that improving the lives of all citizens in South Pinellas County will require multi-sector work.

What we've learned so far from listening sessions across the county...

  • Achieving health equity will require work aimed at changing systems. This will not be simple.
  • Education, housing, equitable economic development and food and nutrition are the leading health-related areas the community is concerned about.
  • There is a need for a space to bring diverse groups together to incubate social change solutions—sort of a neutral territory where all can come and create on equal footing.
  • A facility in the heart of the Foundation's South Pinellas County service area could be a hub of civic engagement and economic activity in an area that has experienced chronic underinvestment over decades.

Center for Health Equity is built on the premise of people's innate capability for innovation.

The Center will include room to host events large and small, technology to support group work, and programming informed by listening to many sectors of Pinellas County residents.

Activities and events at the Center will bring many people to the neighborhood and create a new hub for community civic engagement.

Engagement and Collaboration

Center for Health Equity is an investment in the collective problem-solving capacity of all sectors of South Pinellas County. To end differences in health via the social change incubation process requires time, space and support for people to collaborate, envision and innovate.

Faith Leaders & Faith Communities

Faith leaders and faith communities can come together and unite to learn, address community needs and share resources.

Public Sector

24 cities, over 100 city council members, and thousands of employees will have a place to share expertise and engage with other sectors.

The Corporate Sector

The corporate sector will bring their expertise and track record of innovation to these collaborations.


Nonprofits can engage the center to train employees, collaborate, utilize technology, meeting spaces and trained facilitators — or co-create with private and public sector partners.


Individuals can be a powerful force for change with proper support and engagement.


Civic engagement for social change.

Center for Health Equity will be shaped and influenced by the voices of South Pinellas County residents.

We can't predict the path or the programs that will take shape — it's the nature of innovation to question existing ways of doing things. We believe that bringing together unexpected combinations of people with the freedom and space to collaborate will result in "out of the box" thinking and fresh approaches to the social conditions most in need of change if we are to achieve optimal health for all.

Pathways of Social Change Ideas

These are the ways we've observed that new ideas for social change have emerged from the community so far:


Ideas generated within the core Foundation Focus Areas (housing, food/nutrition, education, equitable economic development)


Interest generated through responsive grant applications


Ideas proposed by individuals


Ideas emerging from multi-sector groups that request incubation/convening services


Ideas arising from emerging challenges (opioid crisis, gun violence, disaster preparedness)

The Timeline

We anticipate a Fall 2019 public opening.


May 2018

Trustees Approve the Center for Health Equity


September 2018

Architects Begin
Listening Begins


November 2018

Listening Continues
Construction Begins


August 2019

Listening Continues
Move-In Begins


Fall 2019

Center Opens
Multiple Activities Over Several Months
Pilot Programming Launched

The Space

The Center for Health Equity is located in the heart of The Foundation's service area.

Center for Social Change

The Foundation has leased a 23,250 square foot former retail space at 2333 34th Street South in St. Petersburg. Construction is scheduled to start November 2018, in a design-build led by Wannemacher Jensen Architects. A full restoration of the facility, including new systems and extensive interior and exterior refurbishment, will be undertaken. The space has been vacant for several years and is located in the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) in South St. Petersburg, in the heart of the service area for the Foundation.

Plan View

Center for Health Equity will accommodate large groups of up to 300, and be subdivided into smaller, flexible meeting spaces on demand. The Foundation offices will be located at the rear of the space. The Center will be outfitted with technology, supported by data, and staffed by facilitators trained to fuel the wisdom, innovative spirit and knowledge that exists in the community. Programming and hours of operation may evolve over time.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: Listening to our community has shaped our approaches during our three-year history, and that listening and responding will continue as we look for guidance on how to develop the Center for Health Equity. The Center for Health Equity will be open to all community residents with ideas for positive change impacting health equity and the elimination of barriers to good health and health disparities.

Organized listening sessions will launch in September 2018. The Foundation has engaged an experienced research and advocacy organization to manage interviews, surveys and other engagement strategies to hear from the Center for Health Equity's neighbors about how they would like to use the Center. They will advise the Foundation on Center programming as well as the best ways to invest locally and serve as an economic catalyst and hub for civic engagement.

Nonprofit leaders will have an opportunity to help determine the programs and services that are needed to fuel social change in South Pinellas County. The Foundation is also polling individuals representing the faith, business and public sectors to assist us in the process of envisioning how the Center for Health Equity can most effectively support social innovation in our county to advance health equity.

We welcome all sectors of the community to provide feedback and suggestions. Those plans are in formation and will be ongoing. Please subscribe to our e-newsletter at to stay up to date!

Or, share your ideas by filling out the form below.

Q: Are there social change "incubators" in other parts of the country?

A: Yes! Business and technology sectors have long understood the value of bringing smart, creative people together with resources to innovate and "incubate" new products, services and solutions. Increasingly, communities are coming together to prioritize social innovation and social change using some of these same techniques. Learn more about other social change incubators.

Q: When will the Center for Health Equity open?

A: The projected opening is October 2019.

Q: Where is the Center located?

A: 2333 34th Street South, an approximately 23,250 square-foot vacant retail space on the south end of the Lakeview Shopping Center in St. Petersburg. The Foundation offices will occupy the back portion of the Center and the front space will be the public meeting space.

We Want to Hear YOUR Voice

The Foundation will hold listening sessions to shape the programming of the Center. All sectors of the community — business, government, faith and nonprofit — will be consulted on how they can best be engaged in Center activities and programs.

We'd love to hear your questions, suggestions and ideas about the Center for Health Equity.