Advancing Anti-Racist Practices and Policies

To Improve the Lives of All Pinellas County Residents

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg believes that racial equity will lead to health equity. The organization acts as a connector, a listener, and a source of fuel that accelerates the powerful work already being done to advance equity.

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Led by Community

Listening well means truly hearing the lived experience of those in our community. Community voices underscore what’s not working well, highlight where solutions are already underway, and shape meaningful action.

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Focused on Race

Race is the biggest variable in health differences among residents in Pinellas County. Health equity is inseparable from racial equity so to build a healthier community, race must be at the forefront of our efforts and solutions.

Why Race Matters

Fueling for Change

The Foundation strategically invests money towards racial equity initiatives and fuels community through relationships, connections to support networks, research and data, access to technology, and physical space.

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Driven By Data

Problems are put into perspective by data. Equity data and analysis help illustrate the scale and impact of issues, can point to new connections, and ensure the solutions we invest in are doing the work they promised to do.

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A Vision of Equity

Equitable regions—where everyone in the community is able to live a long, healthy life—are more prosperous, and experience stronger, more sustained growth. By investing in equity, Pinellas County helps build a more stable, resilient community that is more likely to experience lasting social and economic success.

2022 Annual Report

The year of 2022 was a time of new beginnings, preparation, and growth at the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. We began the year continuing to serve as a COVID testing site through the worst of the winter’s Omicron surge. We ended 2022 with a refined focus for achieving our mission – and the groundwork laid to reopen our Center for Healthy Equity to the community a few weeks into 2023. Throughout it all, we remained focused on our charge to achieve health equity through racial equity. The report that follows highlights some of the Foundation’s 2022 work through grantmaking, strategic initiatives, convening, and preparation for the Center’s reopening.

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Looking Back to Move Forward

Today’s social change advocates can learn a great deal from stories about people who have previously stood together to challenge the status quo and fight for equity. This evolving project serves as an entry point for education, understanding, and further exploration into the history and opportunity for social change in Pinellas County.

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Recent Highlights

Funded Partner Spotlight: Florida Philanthropic Network

Nov 30, 2023News

While we award most of our grant funding to local nonprofits advancing health and racial equity in our St. Petersburg community, the Foundation also works with philanthropic organizations to further a focus on equity in philanthropy more broadly. Toward that end, we are active members of the Florida Philanthropic Network (FPN) and support FPN as […]

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Family Friendly Business Awards

Nov 3, 2023News

The Foundation was recently designated a Platinum level Family Friendly Workplace at the Family Friendly Tampa Bay Business Awards in October. The award was created to honor companies that are taking the lead in supporting their workforce and community by implementing family-friendly policies like paid leave, health support, flexible schedules, professional development and training opportunities, […]

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Funded Partner Spotlight: Suncoast Center

Oct 31, 2023Mental Health

Be kind. Be curious. Be connected. These six words are the motto of the Zero Suicide Partners of Pinellas initiative – and they have the power to save lives, according to Kristin Mathre of Suncoast Center. “It’s such a foundational and powerful message,” said Mathre, who serves as the chief operating officer for Suncoast Center, […]

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