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COVID-19 Response

All questions regarding vaccinations, appointments, and logistics of receiving a vaccine should be directed to representatives at the FL Department of Health in Pinellas. Although Foundation has advocated to assist with equitable access and distribution, Foundation team members are not involved with the logistics of scheduling or disseminating COVID-19 vaccines. Inquiries of this nature will promptly be rerouted to FLDOH professionals.

Please visit https://www.patientportalfl.com to create an account and book available COVID-19 vaccination appointments. For additional assistance, call the Patient Portal phone line, available 24/7 at (844) 770-8548.

Remember to continue to wear a mask, continue social distancing and frequently wash your hands even after vaccination. Stay Safe, Pinellas!

The Center's Location

The Center for Health Equity is located at 2333 34th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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Get in touch with the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County:

Read the latest updates about COVID-19 Vaccines in Florida from the Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County Testing Locations

DOH-Pinellas has no-cost COVID-19 testing services available.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

Learn more about what to expect and find a testing site.

Learn more about Pinellas County’s vaccine response: https://covid19.pinellascounty.org/vaccines/.

Respuesta al COVID-19

Todas las preguntas relacionadas con las vacunas, las citas y la logística para recibir una vacuna deben dirigirse a los representantes del Departamento de Salud de la Florida en Pinellas. Aunque la Fundación ha abogado por utilizar el espacio del Centro para ayudar con el acceso y la distribución equitativos, los miembros del equipo de la Fundación no están involucrados en la logística de la programación o la distribución de las vacunas para el COVID-19. Las consultas de esta naturaleza se redirigirán rápidamente a los profesionales del Departamento de Salud de la Florida (FLDOH, por sus siglas en inglés).

Por favor, visite https://www.patientportalfl.com para crear una cuenta y programar citas de vacunación para el COVID-19 disponibles. Para asistencia adicional, llame a la línea telefónica del Portal del Paciente, disponible las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana al (844) 770-8548.

Recuerde seguir usando una mascarilla, continuar con el distanciamiento social y lavarse las manos con frecuencia, incluso después de la vacunación. ¡Manténgase a Salvo, Pinellas!

Nuestra ubicación

2333 34th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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Comuníquese con el Departamento de Salud de la Florida en el condado de Pinellas:

Lea las actualizaciones más recientes sobre las vacunas para el COVID-19 en la Florida del Departamento de Salud de la Florida

Sitios de Prueba del Departamento de Salud de la Florida en el condado de Pinellas

El DOH-Pinellas (Departamento de Salud- Pinellas) tiene servicios gratuitos de pruebas del COVID-19 disponibles.

Los síntomas del COVID-19 incluyen fiebre, tos, falta de aire o dificultad para respirar.

Aprenda más sobre lo que puede esperar y localice un sitio de pruebas

Obtenga más información sobre la respuesta de la vacuna del condado de Pinellas: https://covid19.pinellascounty.org/vaccines/.

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Race Equity at the Forefront

Racial discrimination has a wide-ranging and enduring legacy in Pinellas County, Florida. Across the social determinants of health—like education, housing, access to medical care and healthy food, employment and wealth-building opportunities—institutions and systems are embedded with structural racism that disadvantages and harms African American people.

The result is profound racial disparities in health, lifespan, and quality of life. Research tells us that stress, disease and other repercussions of discrimination, poverty, and lack of fair access to resources and opportunity take their toll on individual health at an alarming rate.

If we want a community that is healthier, fairer, more prosperous and more humane, race equity must be a priority—now! The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg embraces a mission of race equity as the surest means of achieving health equity and improved population health overall.

Center for Health Equity

Introducing the Center for Health Equity

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Linda Cade

I would like to see ongoing conversations across races, religions, SES, genders, sexual orientations, etc. I would like to feel part of a community where it is understood that there is no us and them. It’s an arbitrary concept. We are all just individuals that want to figure out where we can feel loved and accepted.

Linda Cade

Writer, artist, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbor

Jason Bryant

I’d like to see more collaboration on things that matter, like equipping the next generation with more meaningful skill sets and life skills.

Jason Bryant

President and CEO, New Era Thinking

Jocelyn Howard

I’d like to see St. Pete flourish in a way that brings voice, opportunity, and good health to everyone who lives here.

Jocelyn Howard

Manager, Grow Smarter Initiative

Courtney Smith

I’d like to live in a community with wider acceptance and investment in workplace health and its impact on our community.

Courtney Smith

Programs & Events Manager, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Marketa Teal

I would like to see our community move from talking about suffering and struggling, to talking about living and prosperity. Let’s change the dialogue!

Marketa Teal

Graduate Recruiter/Advisor, USF St. Petersburg

Da’Juh Sawyer and Dontreal Fletcher

“We’d like to see our young African American adolescents view each other as brother and sister instead of competitors and rivals.”

Da’Juh Sawyer and Dontreal Fletcher

Founders, The Make it Out Foundation Inc

Michael Funsch

“I wish every child lived in a stable home environment that fostered the learning of educational and life skills, which gave them the opportunity for a career to provide the same benefits for their children.”

Michael Funsch

Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager

Ariel Canchani

“I’d like to be a part of a community that thrives on open-mindedness, deliberately stepping outside of our personal perspectives.”

Ariel Canchani

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Charles Imbergamo

“I’d love to see a community where we no longer criminalize poverty; where we lift up every human person!”

Charlie Imbergamo, CFRE

Director of Strategic Programs, Nonprofit Leadership Center

Chris Matt

“I would like to see programs and resources that provide all people with access to well-paying jobs.”

Chris Matt

Owner, The Fadin’ Cave

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