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Since our inception, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg has awarded more than $31 million in grant funding to local organizations working to improve health and racial equity in our community.

Catalytic Capacity-Building: Applications Under Review

The Foundation recently partnered with Orlando Health Bayfront Hospital to launch a new Catalytic Capacity-Building Initiative. Through this two-pronged program, we will award 25 capacity-building grants of up to $10,000 each ($250,000 in total) to nonprofits working to advance racially equitable health outcomes in the three zip codes of the South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area (33705, 33711, 33712).

We will also offer a series of eight capacity-building training sessions from August through October 2024.

  • Grants are open to nonprofits of all sizes and longevities
  • Applications were due June 10, 2024, by 5 PM EST
  • Current funded partners are not eligible to apply for funding (though you may apply if you are a contractor or collaborator on a currently funded project)
  • Organizations must have an active 501(c)3, 509(a)1, or 509(a)(3) designation
  • To be eligible for funding, nonprofits must attend at least four of the eight capacity-building sessions
  • Training sessions are free and open to all nonprofits and community members, regardless of whether they receive Foundation funding

Read our full application to learn more about what we’re funding. Be sure to sign up for our free training sessions, offered by local subject matter experts, as well.

Read the Application  Attend the Sessions

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The Foundation offered the following research resources and events in support of our RFP and grantmaking process.



Budget Template
Scoring Rubric
Presentation from Opening Event



Fluxx Overview: All applicants must register in the Fluxx grants portal to complete their application. We made this video to help guide you through the process

Fluxx Application Tutorial:
We made this short video detailing the use of Fluxx in completing this specific grant application and its required fields.


Video Recording of May 10 Opening Event


Apply in Person or Over Zoom

Sign Up Now: Portions of the grant application may be submitted via video, in person, or by Zoom. To apply in person or by Zoom, please sign up for an appointment now. Please note that you must still submit select written portions of the application in Fluxx.


RFP Release Date
   May 10, 2024
Application Submission Due Date
   June 10, 2024, by 5 PM EST
Award Notifications
   Week of July 29, 2024
Funded Partner Orientation
   August 14, 2024




Grant Amounts

   Up to $10,000 available to 25 organizations

Total Funding Available


Number of Training Sessions Offered

Minimum Number of Trainings for Grant Eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am a current funded partner with Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg or Orlando Health Bayfront Hospital, may I apply for a grant?

A: Yes and No—a current lead applicant funded partners is ineligible; however, if you are a subcontractor with a current funded partner, you may apply for a grant.

Q: Do I need to be a nonprofit to apply for funding?

A: To apply for funding, your organization must be a federally recognized nonprofit. Documentation will need to be submitted with your application.

Q: May I use a fiscal agent as the lead applicant for my application?

A: Yes, a nonprofit organization may serve as a fiscal agent on behalf of another organization and may charge up to 10% of the grant to perform this function. An organization may serve as a fiscal agent for more than one entity.

Q: Do I need to be a nonprofit to attend the capacity-building sessions?

A: No, sessions are open to anyone who wants to attend. Organizations may have multiple people attend.

Q: Do I need to have a minimum or maximum annual operating budget?

A: No, nonprofits of all budget sizes are eligible to apply; however, at minimum, 25% of grants awarded will be issued to nonprofits with annual revenue under $250,000 and, at minimum, 25% of grants awarded will be issued to nonprofits with annual revenue greater than $250,000.

Q: Does my nonprofit need to be active for a minimum period of time?

A: No, there is no minimum time requirement as a nonprofit; however, the organization must have an active nonprofit status prior to submitting your grant application.

Q: May I reach out directly to the learning session subject matter experts? Can I include them on a capacity building application? 

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Each subject matter expert is someone we have vetted and recommend. You are welcome to reach out to them and include them as a consultant or collaborative partner on your grant application. Feel free to contact for direct contact information to any of the subject matter experts without contact info listed below. 

Our subject matter experts are:  

Q: I am not a non-profit organization, but I would like to offer my services as a contractor. Who do I contact? 

A: You are welcome to contact any nonprofit who might serve as the lead applicant and see if you can be included as a collaborative partner or contractor to support their capacity building project(s). 

Q: Can the fiscal agent for a current funded partner apply as the lead applicant on a capacity building grant? 

A: Yes, an organization that serves as fiscal agent for a current funded partner may apply as the lead applicant for a capacity building grant. 

Q: Can we include a lease or purchase of a van in our budget? 

A: No. Funds from this grant may not be used for vehicles or any form of transportation. Additional details of what may and may not be included can be found on the application. 


Q: We are using a fiscal agent to apply for this grant. Will not being able to produce an IRS Determination Letter or Organizational Status Verification hinder our eligibility for the Capacity Building Grant? 

A: Please submit the IRS Determination Letter or Organizational Status Verification for your fiscal agent to meet this part of the eligibility criteria.  

Q: When completing the budget template, do we need to complete the Project Revenue tab to list sources of revenue and others support if we are not receiving any?

A: If you do not have sources of revenue or other support, you would only list the Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete & Orlando Health Bayfront Hospital funding you are applying for. This would indicate that FHSP/OHBH would be the sole funding source until you develop other revenue streams.

Q: Are contributions to a church considered revenue?

A: If they are included in your financial statement as a source of revenue, then yes. Please seek guidance from your accountant as to how your organization tracks and reports contributions.

Q: What sorts of visual materials can I bring to an in-person presentation?

A: If you would like to include visuals, you are welcome to bring digital presentation materials (e.g. PowerPoint slides) on a flash drive. You can also bring printed materials if you prefer. However, the reviewers will not keep anything after you leave.

Q: Can we request funding for wages or salary as part of our capacity building project?

A: Yes. Be sure to demonstrate how that funding will support capacity building for your organization.

Q: What is the letter of support for and what needs to be included in it?

A: If you are using a fiscal agent, you will include a letter of support from that organization indicating they are willing to act as your fiscal agent if you receive this grant.

Q: Can funding be used for staff to attend courses, workshops, conferences, etc.?

A: Yes, that would be considered building the human capacity of your organization.

Q: Does the question about annual revenue on the application refer to revenue for the organization or for this project?

A: You are sharing the annual revenue for your organization.

Q: When listing the number of full-time volunteers, what does “full time” mean? Does it require the volunteers to work a certain number of hours per week?

A: These are the volunteers working consistently with your organization, regardless of the number of hours.

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