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The 1,000 Voices photographic installation and an inspirational multi-media campaign that highlights the vision of South Pinellas community members and their hopes for a more equitable county. Several times a year five individuals are selected to represent the campaign on the front facade of the Center for Health Equity.

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"I would like to see ongoing conversations across races, religions, SES, genders, sexual orientations, etc. I would like to feel part of a community where it is understood that there is no us and them. It's an arbitrary concept. We are all just individuals that want to figure out where we can feel loved and accepted."

Linda Cade
Writer, artist, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbor

"I’d like to see more collaboration on things that matter, like equipping the next generation with more meaningful skill sets and life skills."

Jason Bryant
President and CEO, New Era Thinking

"I'd like to see St. Pete flourish in a way that brings voice, opportunity, and good health to everyone who lives here."

Jocelyn Howard
Manager, Grow Smarter Initiative

"I’d like to live in a community with wider acceptance and investment in workplace health and its impact on our community."

Courtney Smith
Programs & Events Manager, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

"I would like to see our community move from talking about suffering and struggling, to talking about living and prosperity. Let's change the dialogue!"

Marketa Teal
Graduate Recruiter/Advisor, USF St. Petersburg

"We’d like to see our young African American adolescents view each other as brother and sister instead of competitors and rivals."

Da’Juh Sawyer and Dontreal Fletcher
Founders, The Make it Out Foundation Inc

"I wish every child lived in a stable home environment that fostered the learning of educational and life skills, which gave them the opportunity for a career to provide the same benefits for their children."

Michael Funsch
Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager

"I'd like to be a part of a community that thrives on open-mindedness, deliberately stepping outside of our personal perspectives."

Ariel Canchani
Marketing & Communications Coordinator, St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

"I'd love to see a community where we no longer criminalize poverty; where we lift up every human person!"

Charlie Imbergamo, CFRE
Director of Strategic Programs, Nonprofit Leadership Center

"I would like to see programs and resources that provide all people with access to well-paying jobs."

Chris Matt
Owner, The Fadin’ Cave

"I would like to see more focus and money spent on holistically supporting struggling families—to meet them where they are and work to find realistic solutions."

Madeline Manlove
Executive Director, SailFuture

"I’d like to see all of the city come together to equitably create wealth throughout the community."

Sean Kennedy
Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Community Development/Greenhouse Manager St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

"I’d like to see the community becoming more mindful, changing the vibration one breath at a time."

Clayton Sizemore
Senior Instructor/Chairman, Urban Yoga Florida

"I would like to see multi-generational opportunities and resources to provide a solid foundation for all."

Ginger Quarterman
Manager, Beauty Depot

"I would like to see the creation of city, county and private sector intergenerational mentorship programs."

Dr. Christopher Warren
Director, SpringZone St. Pete

"I believe every parent in our community should have the support needed to raise healthy babies and children."

Haley Rademacher
Grow Smarter Initiative Coordinator

"I believe every student in our schools should have a joyous learning experience where they feel a sense of belonging."

Lucy Lancheros, M.Ed
Instructional Staff Developer for Equity and CRT, Pinellas County Schools

"I would like to see teachers who have empathy for who their students are and the truth of their lived experience."

Kimberly MS Skukalek, M. Ed.
Instructional Staff Developer for Equity and CRT, Pinellas County Schools

"I would love to see less homelessness in our community and more places for people to live."

Allyn Brown
Lakewood High School Student

"I would love to see a community with fair and equitable treatment for all, with no exceptions."

Karin Butterfield
Justice Reform Coordinator

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