Leading When the Deck is Stacked Against You: Data, Disparities, and Social Determinants

Challenging moments can also be the most refining.

As communities turn to places of worship for both spiritual counsel and practical guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s integral, now more than ever, for churches and other faith organizations to feel equipped to lead through crisis. Everyone is facing some type of struggle, be it navigating trials due to COVID-19, overcoming fear of the unknown, or striving to nourish parishioners while maintaining social distance.

To provide an applicable roadmap on how to deal with crisis, a panel of faith leaders supported by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg and the Florida Department of Health, Pinellas County, have prepared a series of online seminars to help prepare pastors and faith leaders to best serve during this tumultuous season.

This webinar will present both the theological and practical approach to understanding COVID-19 data, disparities, and the social and environmental factors that impact health outcomes.

From the Event:

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