The Equity Profile of Pinellas County: What the Data Tells us About Race Equity

Aug 5, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Revisit the groundbreaking findings of the Equity Profile of Pinellas County. Explore significant countywide racial disparities and practical strategies for achieving equity and prosperity. Carrie Hepburn will moderate this look at “what is” and “what could be” regarding local equity data. Tim Dutton, Director of UNITE Pinellas will be joined by a panel with expertise in the history behind our county’s racial divide as well as the racial disparities revealed by the data across a broad range of key indicators.

Local practitioners will imagine the data that could unlock real systems change and how to get there. Discussion will also turn on how to continue to improve on equity data collection as well as successful strategies other communities across the country are employing to bridge the race equity gap.

Topics Include:

  • Policy History – Gwen Reese
  • Pinellas Equity Profile – Tim Dutton
  • Housing – Lisa Brody, Jaclyn Boland
  • Criminal/Legal System – Judith Scully
  • Health – Dr. Stephanie Reed
  • Economy – Gypsy Gallardo
  • Community Data Trends Around the Country – Tim Dutton

From the Event:

Event Recording

Links from Panelists

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