Grow Smarter Initiative

Sep 22, 20182018 Transformative Grant

Funding will support the Bay Area Chamber Foundation’s Grow Smarter Initiative, an economic development collective impact model grounded in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the city of St. Petersburg. The Initiative is a comprehensive, data-driven community plan to enhance St. Petersburg’s competitive position and provide quality, diverse economic growth. Grow Smarter has an emphasis on equitable economic development, with the understanding that the vibrancy of the entire community is determined by the wellbeing of all individuals.

A key differentiator of Grow Smarter is the priority it places on maximizing the value of all of St. Petersburg’s human capital and unlocking the full potential of the local economy by expanding opportunities, growing quality jobs, and increasing entrepreneurship, ownership and wealth.

GRANT AWARDED: $1,217,016, multi-year

Watch: Grow Smarter Inaugural Summit Recap, 2017

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