Zero Pinellas

Sep 22, 20182018 Transformative Grant

The AIDS Healthcare FoundationThe AIDS InstituteBayCareEmpath Health and EPICFlorida Department of Health in Pinellas County, and Metro Wellness and Community Centers formed a community partnership, Zero Pinellas, to reduce the number of new HIV infections in Pinellas County utilizing a “90-90-90-50” cascade model. The goal is that 90% of persons living with HIV know their status; 90% of persons diagnosed with HIV are linked to care and retained in antiretroviral therapy; and 90% of persons retained in treatment have a HIV suppressed viral load. And as a result, there is at least a 50% reduction of new HIV infections in three years. Funds will support personnel, operation costs, outreach, testing and advocacy to implement the strategy.

GRANT AWARDED: $2,207,694, multi-year

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In the News: Community Organizations Form Zero Pinellas Initiative to Combat HIV

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