Know, Do, Be

Lasting change begins with a personal journey. The "know, do, be" philosophy suggests that when we seek out knowledge, and put those lessons into practice, it shapes who we are.

Your decision to learn more, to adopt an anti-racist mentality, and to act in favor of equity ripples outwards. Your choices may inspire conversations within your family, or build momentum within your workplace, or lead you to fuel solutions that create a stronger, healthier society.

Take the Racial Equity Pledge

Pledge your support for racial equity. By recording your name and comment here, you join a growing movement of racial equity advocates demanding change. Collecting these comments shows our community’s commitment to racial equity and an end to racism.

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Looking Back to Move Forward

Contextualize systemic racism within Pinellas County and learn about the individuals who came together to secure rights, combat injustice, and advance equity.

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Explore Anti-Racism Resources

This section contains curated resources to advance equity education for people who are White, as well as general book and article recommendations to help teach children about challenging subjects such as racism, white supremacy, anti-racism, and racial equity.

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Data and Research

The decisions of the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg are driven by evidence-based approaches centered on data, lived experience, and community readiness. View research reports specific to Pinellas County and deepen your understanding of the how race, and history have impacted community health.

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It is through our collective actions and ideas that we will achieve racial and health equity in Pinellas County. Keep pushing the movement forward. Connect with the Foundation and subscribe to our emails to stay updated on opportunities, developments, and events around equity.

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