Investing in Racial Equity to Achieve Health Equity

In 2019, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg moved from traditional grantmaking (competitive grant cycles/ RFPs) into a strategic investments model (“listen and learn”).

The Foundation's grant cycles began with RFPs based on the social determinants of health. Over time, they evolved to focus on underlying causes of disparities between residents of Pinellas County; namely the lingering impacts of systemic racism. In 2020, the Foundation defined a clear theory of change, that racial equity will lead to health equity, and that will create a stronger community for all. The Foundation deploys funds to accelerate meaningful social change.

2018-2019 Funded Partners

2018-2019 grant cycles were composed of three tiers.

  • Capacity-Building Mini-Grants invested in short-term activities and projects that strengthen the organization and improved their impact, efficiency and/or effectiveness in the community.
  • Empowerment Grants offered small-to-midsized organizations an opportunity to enhance the impact of their work in one or more areas of the social determinants of health, with a focus on improving population health.
  • Multi-year Transformative Grants focused on initiatives driven to create systems change to improve health equity.
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2016-2017 Funded Partners

The Foundation’s inaugural grant round, Healthy Beginnings, awarded $3.9 million in grants to 19 local organizations working across the spectrum of social and environmental determinants of health in 2016. The following year they launched Healthy Communities grant cycles which contained Mini Capacity Building Grants, Transformative Grants, and Empowerment Grants. The 2017 cycle provided 29 organizations with $405,794 in grants to support one-time projects that will enhance their ability to advance community health.

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2015 Listening Sessions

The Listening Tour was the Foundation’s top priority in the summer of 2015. Over 200 St. Petersburg residents and 70 St. Petersburg social service organizations shared their insights about about the health and well-being of our community. Listening activities have informed changes to the Foundation’s strategies and initiatives since it’s inception, and individuals are encouraged to get in touch.

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