Building healthier communities requires connecting local experiences and solutions with the universal context. The wisdom is in the community – if we listen well – lived experience can guide change agents to the systems that are not working and clarify what is needed to rectify the problem.

Nothing about us without us.

Racial equity can be the meeting ground for democracy in action.  Many partners united by a shared purpose can work collectively to dismantle huge problems.

The Foundation partners with anyone who has a shared interest in a healthy Pinellas county, including:

  • Residents
  • Grantmakers and Non-profits
  • Governmental agencies


  • Local, regional and statewide groups
  • The media
  • Businesses
  • Faith organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Policy makers

Funded Partners

Funded partners are organizations and groups that have received financial support or another type of fuel from the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. Learn more about the impact of previous partners, and find out how to submit an idea for consideration.

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Anchors Collaborative

Communities can take action on the social determinants of health, but multi-sector collaboration is key. Influential institutions which have economic and social impact are often called anchor institutions. Relationships with these partners help shape systems change.

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Join our Community of Changemakers

It is through our collective actions and ideas that we will achieve racial and health equity in Pinellas County. Keep pushing the movement forward. Connect with the Foundation and subscribe to our emails to stay updated on opportunities, developments, and events around equity.

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