Past Events

Kingian NonViolence Orientation

Kingian Nonviolence Training prepares us to recognize, respond to and redress the unfairly distributed access to opportunity based on race, economics, gender and gender identity, disability, language and other factors. It uses the Weapon of Love to raise awareness of institutional and societal conditions that lead to everyday manifestations of injustice.

This 5 hour Orientation must be completed in order to register for the upcoming, Two-Day Kingian Nonviolence Training Core Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Workshop which teaches the concepts, strategies and tools of conflict reconciliation.

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White Supremacy & Black Lives Matter: Disruption, Challenge and Change

Randall H. Russell will share the latest news about Foundation’s COVID-19 response and opportunities for accelerating the race equity movement, followed by a moderated discussion of community activists leading disruption and peaceful protest for social change and racial justice.

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Church Everywhere

Hear practical suggestions for ministering to a virtual congregation and maintaining engagement and connectedness.

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Reopening the Doors of the Church

Presenters will share their perspective and guidelines for reopening places of faith, strategies for mitigating Coronavirus within congregations, and resources for developing a disaster preparedness plan.

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Self-Care In the Hour of Chaos

Hear insights and practical tips for dealing with burnout and compassion fatigue while helping congregants navigate the current reality.

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Leading with Faith & Equity During COVID-19

Challenging moments can also be the most refining. As communities turn to places of worship for both spiritual counsel and practical guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s integral, now more than ever, for churches and other faith organizations to feel equipped to lead through crisis.

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